STIPLINK is a consulation firm specialising in innovation, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company was founded by Alika Leigh Ramjee and Dominic Tracey in early 2016.


The name: STIPLINK

The name STIPLINK derives from the word ‘stippled’, combined the word link. We want to put the ‘INK’ in ‘LINK’ but leaving a lasting impression and our mark. The name was a natural progression from the logo which was created initially, using the stippling technique.

The Logo

LOgo (edit)

Our logo incorporates the process of stippling which is a way of marking something using numerous dots to create a unique effect. It represents many singular elements working together to create something better. also that there are different forms and stages of innovation. The process of creating this logo was meticulous and required time and effort which is something that we will put into all of STIPLINK’s endeavours.


Our Values

One of the partners in the company comes from Irish heritage. These values are taken from the culture and will be adapted and implemented to suit our professional enviroment

Sine Qua Non – meaning without which not. It refers to key critical ingredients or aspect of a larger whole. This will relate to systemic thinking and innovation. Without our basic fundemental the wole is nothing. Patience, respect, innovation, and a focus on consumers and diversity are a few.

Comhar (Core) – meaning combined work, mutual assistance and partnership. The power of working together. This work evoes a sense of co-operation and shared work. help and assistanceis always available in STIPLINK and we believe in forming a partnership relationship with our clients.

Craic (Crack) – Entertaining converstaion, to remain in high  spirits. The serious work of play. As professional as we may be we still want to engage people in interesting and positive ways.

Dail (DAW-ill) – a coming together, a consultive gathering. A meeting of minds. This word can denote a tryst or a meeting of various sorts. We want to meet th consumers and uderstand their needs and relate that to our clients. Understanding that solutions can come from many possible domains.

Dochas (DOE-hass) – Hope. Bringing faith to the future. We want to bring innovation into the future for companies. We want to ensure long term sustainable sucess and engage in where innovation of all forms can lead to.

(Smartling, 2015)

Vision and Mission

The vision for STIPLINK is to ultimately achieve success for our consultancy and for the clients we acquire. We want to leave our mark, and the companies we assist to leave theirs. ‘Leave your mark’, is something we want to be a driver in society and for innovation, as this is a call to action. To create a culture of innovation though focussing on consumer needs. Design thinking will be one of our drivers in creating solutions for our clients.

Leave your mark