A look at ADvTECH

Who is ADvTECH?

ADvTECH is a South African institution that specialises in the country’s private education system. As a company listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) they are leaders in education, training, skills development and career placement in the independent sector.  ADvTECH are meaningful contributors to “South Africa’s human capital” (Advtech.co.za, 2016).

Currently South Africa is not in a good economic state and companies that focus on the internal growth and sustainability of our human resources, we feel should be seen as a neccessity. Both founding partners of STIPLINK, Alika Ramjee and Dominic Tracey are currently attending Vega School of Branding, one of ADvTECH’s many successful institutions. Alika  has also attended ADvTECH establishments since the age of 2. Not only do we believe in this company we have invested our education in it, and this is why we are looking at it.

Their Values

These are the things that matter most to ADvTECH. The values that they hold are inline with our own at STIPLINK and this is another key reason we are looking into their company  (Advtech.co.za, 2016).



The ADvTECH offerings and organogram


The above shows services and brands that ADvTECH have under their House of Brands. They can be divided into thee main sectors, School, Tertiary and Resourcing. Though they are all independent brands they all operate under the ADvTECH umbrella.

ADvTECH operates under a board of directors that protects the interests of all stakeholders as they are a company is listed on the JSE. There 8 member on the board and they oversea “the management and control structure that directs the organisation in its entirety”, (Advtech.co.za, 2016). The Board have created various other committees to aid in fulfilling their  duties. These are:

  • Audit Committee;
  • Risk Committee;
  • Remuneration Committee (RemCom);
  • Transformation, Social and Ethics Committee (TSEC);
  • Litigation Committee;
  • Nominations Committee (NomCom); and
  • Investment Committee

There is a CEO and Exco that are responsible for the day-to-day running of operations. The Exco gives the board recommendations and under the three operating divisions there are management structures in place. There is consistent interaction between all levels of the business and this is done to ensure the maintenance of standards.

it can be said that ADvTECH follows a Heirachial orgonogram as different expertise are group with each other each reporting to a head of certain departments. below is an example, (Creately Blog | Diagramming Articles and Tips on How to Draw Diagrams, 2014).

Hierarchical-1024x508 better


Their Successes and Failures

ADvTECH has had many successes over the years, starting with being listed on the JSE. This allows consumers to have a vested interest in the company and opened them up to vast growth potential. On the other ADvTECH made a large investment costing R712m in acquiring Centurus Colleges in the year 2014 without much investor interest. they then looked to a new CEO to spark better strategy into the company,(Pickworth, 2016). From looking into their current stock grown overall investors would receive growth on their investments, however their share price has dropped but this can be seen as an effect of our country’s economic state  (Advtech.co.za, 2016). ADvTECH’s success far surpass the failures have far surpassed their failures and this can be noted through the various amount of online support and accolades they have received.

We cannot wait to see where this company lands itself in the future, they certainly have left their mark!


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